BASICS International is committed to fighting illiteracy, child labor, child trafficking and hunger in Ghana by improving the quality-of-life for children living in extreme poverty.  

BASICS has worked since its inception in 2000 to provide holistic services and guidance to disenfranchised youth in Ghana. From sponsorships for school fees to daily meals and life skills training to assistance in reintegrating into larger society, BASICS has structured programs in place which are designed at impacting and changing the lives of over 500 children and their families each year.

BACK2SCHOOL Sponsorship Program

The BACK2SCHOOL Sponsorship Program was the pioneer project which was implemented in the year 2000 and is the foundation of the organization.

The core efforts of BASICS is to PLACE EVERY SCHOOL AGE CHILD BACK IN SCHOOL. This was inspired after founder; Pat Wilkins met a young child during her daily walk through Chorkor. 

Through her enquiries, Ms. Wilkins learnt that this little girl, named Akoushe, had to work in order to help support her aunt/guardian. It was later revealed Akoushe was a house help for this woman, (of no relation to her) who had forbidden her from attending schools.

Moved by Akoushe's story, Ms. Wilkins single-handedly went from junction to junction/compound to compound throughout this fishing community pleading with parents to send their children to school.

Using her own personal savings to get children into school, the Back to School program began to take shape and B.A.S.I.C.S. International Inc. was formed.

Since Akoushies story, BASICS has evolved into a social intervention program achieving its mission by providing solutions, permanently.

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