Break the Cycle- Social Intervention Program

A Social Intervention Program which takes place under the roof of NANA’S HOUSE, preparing children with tools, knowledge and support, to ensure they break the cycle of illiteracy, child labor, trafficking, and teenage pregnancy.

Beneficiaries of this program are products of the Back2School Program. It is a requirement for each child who receives sponsorship to be a part of the intervention program, which allows monitoring and evaluation on a daily basis and to address the risk of any child returning to his/her former lifestyle.

Children report to the center daily and engage in homework assistance, one on one tutoring (where needed), computer training, library, current affairs, and a host of extra curricular activities which include: sewing, crocheting, cooking, photography, videography, filmmaking, visual and performance arts, table tennis, board games and sports.

Break the Cycle involves a weekly interactive activity named ‘Say it Loud.’ This forum,  is held in small groups to allow students to feel safe to express themselves, facilitates open and safe discussions of local issues, encouraging the children to speak freely about the problems they all encounter in daily life.

With every international volunteer that walks through the gates at Nana’s house, the children are also  exposed to another culture, and another way to learn and see the world. Cultural Exchange at its best!

Break the CYCLE today!