Nana’s House – Social Intervention Center

Commissioned in 2011; Nanas House was built to design- and is an OASIS in the community of CHORKOR.   Named after the Great Grandmother ( Viola McDowell)  and Grandmother ( Mildred Atkins Wright Hooi)  of Founder Pat Wilkins; the center provides the recipe of love and development  which was always in the home of both matriaches.

Nana’s House is the host of most social intervention programs under the umbrella of BASICS International.   PLACING CHILDREN in SCHOOL is a great job- but KEEPING THEM IN SCHOOL is a GREAT CHALLENGE!  Nana’s House provides the tools, and programs, which intervenes on the social vices and circumstances that prevent children from completing school or EXCELLING. 

The center is equipped with open air learning spaces, a state of the art kitchen, toilets, an ICT Lab, Library, Multi- Media/Purpose  lab, and offices.