Nana’s HOME- Safe Haven for Girls

Nana’s HOME is a program linked closely to IGAP, working towards providing high-risk teenage girls the best chance to break the cycle of poverty in Chorkor

Nana’s Home (different from Nana’s House) is a boarding facility for girls who are at a high risk of teenage pregnancy, HIV/AIDS and dropping out of school.

Nana’s Home is a safe haven for young girls who are victims of social and cultural practices that hinder their development. Nana’s home provides girls a place of refuge, and opportunity to make the right choices, positive choices that promotes staying in school, abstaining from sex, drugs and child labor. Nana’s home teaches sustainable life skill training, that will prepare them for Senior High School and University.

Nana’s Home is not an orphanage. Families are very much involved in each girls progress, and activities. ¬†Families consent to each girl living in the home and pay routine visits to the home.

Each girl ¬†then becomes an Ambassador in the community, as they are sending a message that ” its not okay not be pregnant at 12 Years Old” and ” it is okay to stay in school”.

Nana’s Home was developed in 2010.