Sponsoring a child helps us continue our work here in Ghana. There are a variety of ways you can change the life of a child, whether it be through providing them a cooked meal everyday, covering their school fees and associated costs, or placing ‘at risk’ children in our safe house to get them off the very adult streets. 100% of your donation goes directly to the projects at B.A.S.I.C.S International

School in Ghana

Primary school is free and compulsory in Ghana, however the financial burden of uniforms, books, and stationary is often enough to keep children truant. In addition to these costs, families are also losing the daily income that their children would be generating at work. Supporting associated costs with primary school children can make a huge difference.
Secondary High School is not compulsory in Ghana, nor affordable to most students. B.A.S.I.C.S commits to helping each child who obtains admission.
The Ghanaian Academic Year commences in September, and ends in August the following year. Sponsorship covers school fees, levies (PTA, etc), uniforms, text books and stationary.

Becoming a Sponsor

You will be introduced to your sponsored child through photographs, biography, and a letter from each child you support. Each school term you will receive a Progress Sheet so you see your child’s progress.

Please consider each category below to chose your level of commitment. You are free to increase or decrease your sponsorship level year to year. All amounts have tax benefits, subject to each country’s tax laws. Secure donations can be made via our PayPal button below.

    • School Supplies: $50* p.a can provide one child the uniform, books , stationary and PTA/exam fees ¬†they need to attend school.
    • Daily Meal: $147* p.a can provide one child a meal everyday that they attend B.A.S.I.C.S.
    • Private School: $500* p.a can sponsor a child’s private elementary school education (KG – Grade 8. ) Includes tuition, uniforms, books, stationary.
    • Health Care: $600* p.a can give the gift of Preventative Healthcare. Includes yearly medical, dental and eye check up, as well as emergency care.
    • Secondary High School: $1200* p.a sponsors a child’s Secondary high school education. Includes fees, boarding, books, stationary, provisions and first-time administration necessities (mattress, sheets, towel, trunk, bucket, shoes etc)
    • Save a Girl: $1480* p.a puts an ‘at risk’ girl between the ages of 12-21 in a bed in our safe haven.
    • University Scholarship: $3000* p.a provides a University scholarship to a deserving student.
    • Let us choose: $?? Donate an amount of your choice and allow B.A.S.I.C.S to identify the program that is currently needing the most support.

* The specified amount is calculated and adjusted periodically to reflect change in exchange
rate (USD vs Ghana Cedi – GHC) If you would like to find out more about our sponsorship
programs, please contact us.

Please type the name of your chosen sponsorship program in the text box at checkout.
This text box will become available when you are reviewing your donation, before you
have confirmed the payment.