Investing in a childs education SUSTAINS his/her FUTURE! 

For the past 17 years, we have ask donors to sponsor a child; which covered fees ( when applicable )  books and uniform.  But study and practice has proven, that a child needs MORE than a book bag, if he/she will continue school. We therefore implemented holistic programs and support to ensure children stayed in school and succeeded.

Education is empowering, and empowerment means sustainability.


Invest in a child education today–  by providing holistic support and services.

Primary School  – Sponsor a child **– invest and build a relationship.     BASICS places selected children based on their achievements, in privately operated schools.  These school offer smaller classroom sizes, longer school years, and quality education.  Proven track record shows children attending privately operated schools, are performing better on nation-wide exams, and have nearly 100% admission to High School. Each sponsor will receive termly updates from the school and child.   Sponsors are invited to write at anytime to their child.    Sponsoring on this level covers:

  • School Fees, Uniforms, Books, Stationary, Lunch fees
  • Medical Care ( National Health Insurance Card)
  • After School Care  (  Dinner, homework assistance, Music, Dance Library, Computers, Group Discussions, Arts,)
  • Social Services:  Facilitators, Social Assigned to child to ensure they remain in school; and to address any

Sponsor a child to Primary School $1500.00 a year ( 1-12 payments) 


Many of B A S I C S beneficiaries are successfully completing primary school and passing  the required BECE ( government mandated exam to enter High School).   However as Secondary High School  is not compulsory in Ghana, nor affordable to many students – many do not enter.

B.A.S.I.C.S is committed  to helping any child who obtains admission and is in good standing.

Students apply to enter boarding schools that provide the holistic development that he/she will need for their future.

The Ghanaian academic year commences in September, and ends in August the following year.  Each sponsor will receive termly updates from the school and child.   Sponsors are invited to write at anytime to their child.

Sponsorship covers

  • School fees,
  • boarding , feeding,
  • levies (PTA, Study Fees, Crush Classes, house dues, etc)
  •  All uniforms and shoes    ( School, House, Church- all prescribed by school)
  • text books, stationary
  • provisions (personal items and transportation to and fro).
  • Transportation to and from school ( on breaks) and daily pocket money to buy clean drinking water, etc,

Fees vary each year ( and adjusted based on exchange rate) .

Sponsor a child $1500.00 year ( payment plans available).

 Donate in full or 6 recurring payments of  $250.00 or 12 recurring payment of $125.00) a Sponsor


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