B.A.S.I.C.S International relies on the generosity and commitment of individuals and corporate bodies to maintain the organization, run our programs, and expand our work beyond Chorkor. Without the financial support of our partners, the children would have no choice but to go back to the streets.

Becoming a Donor

We invite you to donate, and welcome you to be part of the community who are determined to eliminate poverty in Ghana. No donation is too small, and all amounts have tax benefits, subject to each country’s tax laws.

Becoming a Partner

Becoming a partner means that you or your organization can become a public or private donor of BASICS. Your corporate logo or trademark would be visible on our website,  in addition to being displayed at appropriate events/fundraisers.

BASICS International is a registered 501 (C3) organization in the United States of America. Donating to BASICS will have tax benefits, subject to each country's tax laws. BASICS has affiliate organizations working to support our efforts in Australia, who can receive donations on our behalf.

Corporate Responsibility is a growing demand from consumers, a demand that we can help you meet. We are able to supply material for websites to recognize your organization as one who is adhering to Corporate Responsibility expectations. Please contact us if you require any promotional or informative material to assist in fundraising events.

Contact us to become a partner today.