BASICS Ambassadors (BA) and BASICS Youth Ambassadors (BYA), each serve as goodwill ambassadors in their home countries to raise awareness of BASICS mission and the plight of children around the world. .   

BYA and BA  is a diverse community of steadfast and inspiring young people  ranging from sixth graders to university students to graduates. This group of young leaders connect to their communities and global communities  by influencing issues and others with the power of service- for Global CHANGE.

BA are former volunteers who return to their home country of Australia, UK, USA and Canada to share their experience and raise awareness with hopes to get more people involved either through volunteering or supporting. .  

Basics Youth Ambassadors (B.Y.A)  is a youth leadership group that:

  • Promotes child literacy Globally
  • Promotes and strives for academic, social and financial empowerment.
  • Excellence through education
  • Promotes public awareness
  • Creates local and national chapters that:Share in the investment of international relations
  • Promote public service
  • Enhance relationships abroad
  • Improve the academic and social excellence amongst school age children
  • BYA groups have clubs in their schools, religious sanctuaries’ i.e. churches, synagogues, and mosques etc. with permission from the chapter/board of directors and CEO of BASICS International.


Pat Wilkins ( far left) posing with members of BYA, during a  visit to  JHS 192, which she is alumni.  A banner hanging high, acknowledges the global as well as the community work, Ms Wilkins is committed to.  Her name is amongst Judges, Journalist and Professional Basketball players who have passed through JHS 192 and have all returned to give back.